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Top 10 most popular Dog Breeds in the World – all loving their Ambient Lounge Dog Beds

Doggo experts. Ever wonder which 10 dog breeds were the world’s most popular? … The list might even surprise you.

Here’s some quick info on the top 10 world’s most popular dog breeds …. all pictured enjoying the most loved dog bed.

10. Miniature Schnauzer:

Intelligent, deeply affectionate and extroverted their cute bushy beards and eyebrows give them a human-like expression. Miniature Schnauzer’s love to have fun, play with objects, socialise and (after a hard day’s exercise) … rest up. They look oh so cute passed out on their ambient lounge bed.

Suggested Bed: Small or Medium

9. Boxer

Fun, super-active and adoringly loyal, Boxer dogs are short haired, large and muscular. Originally German-bred as guard dogs and hunting companions – Boxers are great family dogs with their playful nature, intelligence and love for their owners. That loyalty and love can also be seen in their ambient lounge bed …. And it’s quite a sight for big hearts.

Suggested Bed: Large

8. Beagle

Compact, outgoing & loving Beagle’s are known for their soft, warm expression with their dreamy dark brown eyes. They are inquisitive, determined and focused dogs – they were bred for scents with their super-sensitive nose. They have been prone to taking a bite or two of a cheap bed – that's why a chew-resistant fabric is necessary. Luckily they also have a sharp instinct for what is good for them ..

Suggested Bed: Medium

7. Dachshund

A small dog with short legs and a proportionately long body, these dogs were originally bred in Germany for hunting. Courageous and very lively they can be full of energy during the day and need some serious downtime during the night … zzzzz.

Suggested Bed: Medium

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Also know as a “Yorkie”.. the Yorkshire terrier originates from the UK and are small dogs suitable for city apartment living. They are energetic, brave, determined and investigative (needing lots of attention from their owners). During the downtime (and when you’re away at work) .. it’s important they can rest up & recharge before they jump up into your lap.

Suggested Bed: Small

5 . Golden Retriever

Amazing family dogs as they are all-round intelligent, beautiful, social and loyal… always seemingly happy in human company and great around small kids. They are hard workers and active with their UK hunting origins and love the outdoors. When they crash, they crash .. in a big beautiful golden way that will have your family hearts melting …

Suggested Bed: Large

4. Chihuahua

The smallest dog breed in the world, The Chihuahua is enthusiastic and intelligent and very popular amongst city-dwellers with tiny apartments. These dogs are tactile and do not like the cold at all – preferring to stay indoors. They may be pint-sized but they have a huge personality and they know what they like … including snuggling into their cozy, warm ambient lounge. The face says it all…

Suggested Bed: Small

3. Poodle

Playful and adventurous, the national dog of France comes in different sizes and colours such as white, black and brown. They have bundles of energy and are highly intelligent and obedient dogs –  making brilliant pets. They need lots of socialization and interaction with humans, which burns lotsa energy so when the sleepy eyes set in … they put us all on cute alert!

Suggested size Bed: (depends on the poodle, this breed can be small, medium or even large in some instances)

2. German Shepherd

Big, friendly, protective & strong they have a double coat which helps keep them warm in the freezing winter months. Working dogs, they can happily do almost anything they are trained to do… and lead a very active lifestyle dedicated to their owners. For all the things they give us … the gift of comfort is well appreciated when they rub their tactile coats on our lush pet beds. The master on the throne indeed …

Suggested Bed: Large

1. Labrador Retriever

From Canada, Labrador retrievers are intelligent and gentle souls that's are loving, amazing companions for families. The most popular dog breed in the world, they have smooth, short and waterproof coats and known for their happy, friendly nature. Being smart dogs, they are very energetic and need lots of exercise and normally love outdoor activity. After a hard day’s play.. there is nothing they love more than snuggling up inside their bed. Watching them is just Labr-adoreable….

Suggested Bed: Large

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