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Alexi’s Place (Santorini) adds the designer touch. Ambient Lounge's soft makeover to unique AirBnb accommodation.

Oia, Santorini, Greece.

This is the place where views are to die for, proposals are made, honeymooners & crooners gather and diners take 2+ hours for each slow-living mediterranean meal.

The sea is deep blue, the skies are light blue, the air is fresh and the buildings are pure stark white … nestled majestically upon the rocky terrain.

Oia, Santorini, Greece.

The is a place where every piece of accommodation fights for a lifestyle edge. A place to take relaxation to the next-level.

This is the kind of place where ambient lounge belongs.

Greek owners discovered ambient lounge furniture while in Australia - and knew what they wanted to add these chairs to compliment the iconic cave-style lifestyle accommodation. Soft furniture with functional structure that would contrast the harder white cave walls. Lime, grey and neutral pantones that compliment the blue’s that dominate the exterior landscape. Superb tactility and coolness of fabric. Seats where you could nestle away from the heat and read a book or simply just fall asleep in stress-free bliss.


That’s what Alexi’s place became. The holiday home that everyone wishes was theirs .. and could be for a week or two at an affordable price via AirBnB.

Booking can be made at Alexi’s apartment

If you own hotels or Air BnB properties and would like a special quote or 3D design service for your accommodation, please contact the Ambient Lounge project team and we’ll be happy to assist.

Tips on transforming your airBnB apartment (or house) interior to attract more tenants & better returns:

* Be Bold

* Have an obvious point of difference

* Describe your house ‘personality’

* have a lifestyle edge

* Focus on touches that enhance the atmosphere of your area


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